Stella Connect + Medallia Text Analytics


Highlight emerging themes and sentiment within customer comments to anticipate and respond to customer pain points proactively.


Identify the Opportunities that Matter

Pinpoint macro-level themes and key learnings from customer comments to make changes where they matter most. Prioritize action, detect blind spots, and surface issues to stay ahead of changing customer priorities.

Share Across the Entire Organization

Empower your team with insights and engagement for all with role-specific workflows that align with your organization – from executive-level insights to individual team member feedback. Enable democratization of data and leverage insights from the frontline to prioritize investments across the business and inform broader company strategy.

Drive Operational Efficiencies

Save time on manual data analysis and automatically aggregate insights across the frontline. Reduce call volume by understanding the “why” and surfacing issues, themes, and trends at scale.

Do More with Customer Feedback

Identify opportunities for improvement and address customer needs at scale.