Real-Time QA


Streamline the QA process and make it actionable.


Link QA, Customer Feedback, and Coaching

Stella Connect makes it easy to launch QA reviews off actual customer feedback. This approach streamlines QA by providing a more representative sample of interactions.

Launch QA Reviews in Real-Time

Sharing QA reviews with agents is more impactful when done immediately. With Stella Connect, team leaders can view a real-time list of interactions and instantly launch a review.

Optimize Your QA Scorecard

Fully customize your scorecard based on your team’s specific needs. Leverage auto-fail questions, weight your scoring on a per-section basis, and categorize questions into sections.

Calibrate Efficiently and Productively

Stella Connect makes it easy to identify which questions have the most discrepancy between graders. Graders can share their reasoning behind a score ahead of the calibration session.

Coach Agents with Annotations

There are certain interactions that don’t warrant full reviews, but still offer valuable coaching opportunities. With Stella Connect, team leaders can add annotations to specific aspects of an interaction without launching a full review.

Make QA Actionable

Too often, QA reviews are shared with no real action plan. With Stella Connect, team leaders can add action items that appear in individual agent feedback streams, so they stay top of mind throughout the day.

“Before Stella Connect, we were auditing about 4 to 4.5 percent of all of our service interactions. In the first two months of using the QA tool, we were able to audit 22 percent of interactions with the same team size. We saw about a 5x efficiency gain on the number of audits we could get through.”

Don’t waste valuable time on manual QA. Drive efficiency with Stella Connect’s QA tool.

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