Remote Workforce


Take your frontline team to the next level, no matter where they sit. Empower your customer service agents with our remote work bundle:


For the foreseeable future, the high-density, open-office contact center will no longer exist.

Making the transition to a fully remote team can be overwhelming, but the benefits are undeniable. No matter the distribution of your contact center, Stella Connect will enable your team to thrive.

The feedback you need, when you need it, wherever you are

It can be difficult to keep your finger on the pulse of your team when removed from the contact center floor. With Stella Connect, customer feedback can be gathered, analyzed and shared with agents in real time, ensuring specific improvements in performance.

Communicate, enforce, and QA evolving procedures no matter where your team is

Given this rapidly changing environment, being in touch with customer temperature is more difficult than ever. Ensure your dispersed agents are putting up-to-date policies into practice with an automated QA solution.

Maintain agent motivation with rewards and recognition, even in a virtual environment

Contact center agents draw strength and motivation from working in a team. As your teams become more virtual than in-person, noticing and rewarding excellence in performance will allow you to keep your team motivation and engagement high. Stella Connect’s reviews process lets customers give “virtual high-fives” to your agents in real time.

Engaged agents deliver better customer service. 

Motivate and retain top talent with Stella Connect.