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How TechStyle Supercharges the Performance of its Outsourced CX Teams

TechStyle Fashion Group, a Los Angeles-based online retailer of JustFab, Fabletics, ShoeDazzle, and Fabkids apparel, merges advanced technology with the latest fashion trends to offer a highly personalized, one-of-a-kind shopping experience to millions of members (including 5 million VIP members) across the globe.

TechStyle’s focus is delivering products “smarter, faster and better.” The company also aims to do more with less—particularly when it comes to managing its customer service teams, which operate out of five outsourced contact centers in the Philippines, Mexico, Serbia and Poland.

The distances that separate these teams from corporate headquarters would pose major challenges for any company. TechStyle’s corporate team knew they needed deep visibility to ensure agents on all three continents were performing consistently well and in line with the brand’s ideal service experience.

To achieve this level of visibility, TechStyle had two options: 1) hire dozens of additional employees and dispatch them to the five contact centers; or 2) collect and monitor real-time customer feedback via the Stella Connect platform. For this data-driven, resource-conscious company, the decision to go with Stella Connect was an easy one.

Techstyle captures customer feedback on agents through Stella Connect

Managing Performance with Real-Time Visibility  

Before Stella Connect, TechStyle adhered to the typical performance management model. Team leaders relied on QA reviews, and on TechStyle member satisfaction surveys that generated low response rates.

After adopting Stella Connect, and seeing average survey response rates climb closer to 30%, corporate and contact center leaders had the real-time, reliable view of performance they needed to drive meaningful change.

Seizing Opportunities in the Moment

Stella Connect allows team managers to deliver in-the-moment micro-coaching on the contact center floor, whether to help agents learn and bounce back from negative feedback or to recognize outstanding interactions. As more customer data comes in, and managers begin to identify weaknesses in certain areas (recurring low scores related to product knowledge, for example), they know exactly what to focus on in periodic 1:1 customer service coaching sessions.


techstyle manages outsourced contact center team through Stella Connect

Making QA More Meaningful and Impactful

Because Stella Connect star ratings are now incorporated in agents’ overall QA scores, these scores reflect both internal, objective quality metrics and TechStyle members’ direct assessment of service quality. For agents, the inclusion of customer feedback enhances the legitimacy and value of the QA process—meaning they’re more invested in QA reviews and more motivated to improve their scores.

Building a Culture That Drives Engagement, Excellence  

Despite being outsourced and thousands of miles away, TechStyle’s customer service agents have embraced Stella Connect and, as a result, taken ownership of the service experience. They celebrate positive feedback, and they use negative customer feedback to self-correct. They also approach managers when they want to provide context for poor reviews, ask how they can improve, or follow up with the customer to make it right.

The use of leaderboards, which display agent rankings based on average star ratings, has fueled steady progress as well. Friendly competition not only motivates agents to aim higher, but also gives them a sense of belonging and purpose as part of a like-minded team. Individual enthusiasm and team cohesion have changed the contact center dynamic in ways that translate into happier, more loyal members.

how Techstyle use Stella Connect to drive team performance at their outsourced contact centers

“Stella Connect is painting a much bigger, more detailed picture of what our members are experiencing, and it’s giving us the real-time performance insights we need to motivate and coach our teams more effectively. To get the same level of visibility into agent performance as we get with Stella Connect, we’d have to hire more than 50 new employees. I can’t imagine going back to the way things were before.”

–Omar Recendiz, Senior Manager, Global Member Services Training & Communications for TechStyle

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