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On Hold with John and Ramon: Episode 3 with Kevin Rath from Warby Parker


On this episode of On Hold, John and Ramon are joined by Kevin Rath, Director of Customer Experience at Warby Parker! Join John and Ramon as they talk to Kevin about CX at Warby Parker about what the company got right in the early days, the journey of CX at Warby Parker, why they chose to operate their CX team from Nashville, TN, and more!

Kevin’s Story:

Learn why Kevin decided to join Warby Parker and what attracted him to CX in the first place.

Practitioners Corner:

Learn about how the CX team at Warby Parker is organized and what their biggest challenge has been thus far.

Rapid Five:

Hear Kevin’s answers to the following!

  1. What’s one thing you look for when hiring CX agents?
  2. What is your most Frequently Asked Question at Warby from Customers?
  3. One piece of advice for WFH CX teams?
  4. You’re stuck on a deserted island, what is one food to eat for the rest of your life?
  5. What is one thing you’re taking away from the past three months?

Double Down:

Hear the initiative that Kevin and his team are really focusing on this year

About On Hold:

Hang out On Hold with John Ernsberger (Co-Founder and SVP of Client Services at Stella Connect), Ramon Icasiano (SVP of Customer Experience at Earnin)!

John and Ramon became fast friends after meeting in 2017. Ramon has been a long-time CX operator and leader, navigating his way from big company bureaucracy (at companies like Verizon and GAP) to the exciting growth of Silicon Valley’s hottest tech companies (Netflix, Zynga, and Earnin). John has been impacting the CX industry from the “other side” leading go-to-market teams for various SaaS ventures he’s co-founded and selling to people like Ramon at companies such as Walmart, Mercedes-Benz, and Quicken Loans. All it took was a few glasses of tequila to realize their complementary backgrounds and, well, mutual love for tequila. 

On Hold with John & Ramon is a fun podcast about the operational realities of managing a CX organization as well as building a SaaS business selling into CX departments. Listeners will get a front-row seat to the day-to-day challenges that leaders face across the growing CX industry.