Rewards and Recognition


Power agent incentives and rewards.


Translate Feedback to Rewards

Running reward programs in a contact center can be hard to manage. With Stella Connect, you can put the program in the hands of your customers. Our unique customer-driven rewards enable customers to suggest rewards after positive service interactions.

Customize Your Rewards Program

Stella Connect lets you choose from either physical or recognition-based rewards. You can also configure thresholds within the platform to stipulate how many votes are needed before an agent receives a reward.

Track Progress to Goal

Access a constantly updated rewards tracker to see how individual agents are progressing against their reward targets. Use this dashboard to motivate agents and streamline the reward fulfillment process.

Guide Financial Incentives

If you have an existing agent bonus program in place, you can use Stella Connect reward votes to guide bonus payouts. Learn how leading fintech company Earnin puts this model into practice.

“Before Stella Connect we were capturing basic customer satisfaction data and productivity data, however this data wasn’t actionable by team leaders or our operations team, and agents didn’t feel like their performance was being recognized. Stella Connect has been a game-changer for us.”

Empower customers to reward agents for their hard work.

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