Stella Connect for Startups


The customer feedback tool that helps you scale.


Improve Your Customer Service

In a high-growth startup, retaining your customers is just as important as gaining new ones. Stella Connect helps you deliver unbeatable service to delight your customers as you scale.

Measure Customer Feedback

Metrics are crucial for any business, but with investors to please, startups have to prove their worth. Stella Connect automatically triggers feedback requests after every service interaction to show the business impact of your service team.

Humanize Your Brand

With agent photos and bios included on every customer feedback request, humanization is central to the Stella Connect platform. This not only adds a personal touch for customers, but also reminds your agents that they’re more than just a number.

Understand Performance Drivers

Feedback streams and dashboards give team leaders macro and micro views of agent performance. This level of visibility powers agent motivation, real-time coaching, and service recovery for ever-improving agent performance.

Keep Agents Engaged

Customer feedback flows directly into streams that agents view throughout the day. Positive feedback drives engagement and negative feedback drives self-correcting behavior, both of which engage agents and reduce the coaching burden on team leaders.

Drive Product Innovation

With up to 50% response rates, our feedback requests provide a huge volume of data points and insights that you can use to listen to customers and inform your product roadmap.

Build Brand Awareness

When customers leave positive feedback, they are encouraged to share their experiences across social channels. Harness this feature to spread the word about your startup or push special offers and promotions.

Integrate with Your Tech Stack

Simple integrations with all major CRM and ticketing systems automatically trigger feedback requests as soon as tickets are closed. With our data-return API, performance insights can be easily shared between the two platforms.

“In a hyper-growth startup, trying to scale a customer service operation and seeing around the corner is very hard. With Stella Connect, we can pinpoint exactly what works best—when we need more resources, different training, more coaching. We can measure performance on a more granular level.”

Scale Your Service Organization With Stella Connect

Let’s grow together. Find out how Stella Connect can help you scale your service organization.